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INSPIR8ION is the organizer of the Rotterdam Serious Games Summit. Since 1 July 2016, INSPIR8ION has been a beacon of innovation, guiding clients in the public and private sectors through the complexities of the 21st century. Its mission is to offer tangible and future-proof solutions to the diverse social, scientific, and business challenges that arise in this dynamic era. Central to INSPIR8ION's approach are three foundational pillars: Digitisation, Europe, and Sustainability.

In a world transformed by emerging technologies, we stand as translators of their profound impact. We meticulously analyze how these technologies redefine societies, governments, and businesses. Our senior expertise shines in devising strategies and concepts tailored for this new age. We're not just well-versed in ecosystem building, stakeholder management, community building, communication and event organisation; we're masters of it.

As a well-connected company, our network is vast and influential. This allows us to foster connections between people, leading agendas (content), technology, and networks with unparalleled efficiency. Our innovative approach extends to both crafting and governing new ecosystems and rejuvenating existing ones.

But beyond strategies and connections, we understand the power of a narrative. Our storytelling capabilities, combined with our branding acumen, enable us to narrate our clients' stories in a manner that's not just compelling but also resonates with their identity. Through captivating texts and images, we bring these narratives to life, ensuring they inspire and captivate.

Championing the Future of Work and Learning: INSPIR8ION's Commitment through RSGS

Central to INSPIR8ION's mission is the belief in the potential of serious games as a pivotal tool for upskilling and reskilling, preparing the workforce for the future's demands. This aligns seamlessly with the European Union's designation of 2023 as the European Year of Skills, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning in today's dynamic landscape. The Rotterdam Serious Games Summit is a manifestation of this vision. It's not just an event; it's a platform where the synergy of serious games, workforce development, and European unity come to the fore. Through RSGS, INSPIR8ION reaffirms its commitment to fostering connections, crafting compelling narratives, and driving sustainable change, all while championing the role of serious games in shaping the future of work and learning.

about our knowledge partners

gemeente rotterdam

In a city like Rotterdam, where every day presents a challenge and an opportunity to grow, the Gemeente Rotterdam envisions a future where its residents experience freedom, responsibility, and boundless possibilities. The city's commitment to fostering an environment of continuous growth, both for its citizens and within its organizational structure, mirrors the transformative potential of serious games. As the European Union emphasizes the Year of Skills, Rotterdam stands at the forefront, ready to harness their power.

By integrating these innovative tools, the Gemeente Rotterdam not only supports its vision of a city that constantly evolves but also positions itself as a leader in the realm of modern urban development and workforce readiness.

Dutch Games Association (DGA)

The Dutch Games Association represents the Dutch games industry. Founded in 2008, it is the official sector organization for game creators in the Netherlands. The Dutch games industry has many different types of companies. Their member base primarily consists of creators. Most are game studios, indie game developers, or game asset creators (such as writers, audio studios, animators and freelancers). This is what they label as the “industry” at its core – the companies actually making games.

DGA proudly represents a wide variety of organizations from the broader games ecosystem – ranging from educational institutions to researchers and general service providers. While technically not part of the “core industry”, the organizations in this ecosystem are critical for a healthy industry. According to DGA, a healthy collaboration between the industry and its ecosystem is a key ingredient for a successful future.

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