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The Rotterdam Serious Games Summit (RSGS) is a premier event that aims to energize and unite the Dutch and European Serious Games networks and beyond. Organized by INSPIR8ION, a company dedicated to bridging people, organizations, and emerging technologies across traditional government and business boundaries, RSGS is more than just a conference — it's a celebration of the transformative power of Serious Games.

We aim to transform various sectors through Serious Games, including education, health, mobility, defense, corporate training and development, and more. We believe in their power as a dynamic tool for skilling and continuous learning, fostering problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. This not only leads to positive evolution in organizations but also fuels progress in urban contexts, shaping the workforce of the future. 

Our mission at the Rotterdam Serious Games Summit is to cultivate connections,
ignite innovation, and propel the expansion of the Dutch Serious Games industry on a national and international level. We are firm believers in the transformative potential of Serious Games, with their capacity to revolutionize learning, work, and societal structures.

we aim to assemble a diverse array of stakeholders, creating a vibrant platform
for knowledge exchange, fostering collaborative initiatives, and spotlighting the latest breakthroughs in the field. We are dedicated to amplifying the understanding of Serious Games' positive impact and their role in reshaping the future workforce through reskilling, upskilling and continuous learning.

Together, we play, we learn, and we shape the future. 

Why Attend?

Rotterdam as a tech and innovation hub

Set in Rotterdam, a city at the forefront of innovation and tech development, the RSGS is also an opportunity to experience the potential of this vibrant city to create added value for citizens and businesses. Attendees will have the chance to try out the latest serious games firsthand, discovering the power of gamification and interactive learning. 

The summit will bring together the best and brightest in the Dutch serious games sector to showcase the latest innovations and technologies. Beyond the national network — our platform embraces international guests at RSGS, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded European and international professionals.

The Dutch Games Association is the industry organization for the Dutch games sector, representing developers, publishers, service providers, and stakeholders from various industry sectors and fields. The Rotterdam Serious Games Summit is the ideal platform for the Dutch industry to demonstrate its expertise and leadership in the field and showcase its capabilities to a global audience.

By attending RSGS, you will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, network with professionals, and stay abreast of trends and new developments in the field. Whether you're a game developer, educator, researcher, or simply passionate about the potential of serious games, this event is for you. You'll have the chance to explore the latest developments in the Dutch industry, learn from industry experts, and network with other professionals in the field.

Join us on December 6th, 2023, and become part of this exciting event that will showcase the Dutch serious games industry to the world, where learning through play paves the way to a future reshaped by innovation.
Experts rsgs


Seize this excellent opportunity to learn from experts in the field. Gain insights and knowledge from keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops, which can help to enhance their understanding of serious games and how they can be used in different contexts.

Trends rsrs

Discover the Latest Trends and Innovations

Witness the showcase of the latest trends and innovations in the industry to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices.

Networking rsgs


Participate in this exciting platform where you can network and connect with other professionals in the field, potentially leading to new collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities.

Community rsgs


Join in on a community among attendees who share a passion for serious games and engaging in conversations and collaborations beyond the event itself.

Overall rsgs

valuable learnings

Acquire valuable learnings, take advantage of network opportunities and discover the latest trends and innovations, experience new games, and build a community of like-minded professionals!

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Become a part of new and innovative games – an exciting opportunity to experience firsthand their potential applications.


Professional Development

Learn while having fun! Our platform offers a valuable form of professional development, offering you a great chance to earn continuing education credits or certifications.

Event Details

Join us on December 6th, 2023, at the iconic Maassilo in Rotterdam, a historic grain silo turned event venue that combines industrial heritage with modern design, offering a unique backdrop for our summit. Located in the heart of Rotterdam, Maassilo stands as a testament to the city's innovative spirit and its rich history.

Our theme and focus revolve around the transformative power of serious games in various sectors, from education and health to urban planning and defense. While key speakers and the detailed program are still under wraps, attendees can expect a blend of insightful sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.

#RSGS2023 is not just an isolated event; it's part of a larger setting in Rotterdam, emphasizing the significance of serious games. The summit is hosted with support from the city of Rotterdam and will run concurrently with Rotterdam Gaming Connect. This synergy ensures attendees get a comprehensive experience, diving deep into the world of serious games, their impact, and their future.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of the serious games movement in one of Europe's most vibrant cities!

DECember 6th, 2023

09:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Maashaven ZZ 1-2
3081 AE  Rotterdam


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the venue


A century-old iconic grain silo. Comprising three silos built over 50 years along Maashaven, it stands as a testament to Rotterdam's rich heritage. Today, it's not just a relic of the past but a vibrant event venue with a unique blend of history and modernity in the heart of the city's southern district.

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