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Explore the Dutch Games Association's strategy for forging partnerships with the Dutch government, corporate entities, and academic institutions. Delve into how they harness gaming insights across various industries to catalyze meaningful innovation and change.

We are thrilled to welcome Martine Spaans as a keynote speaker at #RSGS2023. With a wealth of experience in the gaming industry, Martine has worked with over 1000 game developers and has successfully brought several titles to the top of the app stores. As the General Manager of the Dutch Games Association, Martine has played a pivotal role in reviving the Dutch Game Awards and driving the association forward.

In her keynote, Martine will discuss the future vision of the Dutch Games Association, the relationship between serious games and the broader gaming industry, and the international positioning of the Dutch gaming industry. Martine will also highlight the importance of collaboration between game creators and the broader games ecosystem for a successful and thriving industry.