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Exploring the crucial role of lifelong learning and innovative approaches, such as Serious Games, in shaping the future of education and addressing labor market gaps. the discussion underscores the importance of fresh educational and recruitment strategies to empower individuals with the vital skills required for today's evolving workforce.

Introducing Larissa Zegveld, CEO of Kennisnet, as one of our distinguished keynote speakers at #RSGS2023. Kennisnet, the public organization for Education and ICT, provides a national ICT infrastructure, advises sector councils, and shares knowledge with primary, secondary, and vocational education institutions. Under Larissa's leadership, Kennisnet collaborates with sector councils to enable the educational sector to realize its ambitions with ICT.

Larissa is passionate about the relationship between lifelong learning, labor market shortages, and the use of innovative methodologies and technologies in education, such as serious games. She believes that the current approach to education and recruitment, based on classic forms, needs to evolve. In partnership with INSPIR8ION, the Rotterdam Serious Games Summit, and other key stakeholders, Larissa will be launching a manifesto to support this vision.