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how students from the Creative Media & Game Technologies program harness the power of serious games to address real-world challenges. This approach emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, underscoring the significance of understanding problem contexts and sourcing inspiration across diverse fields to craft impactful, game-centric solutions.

We are excited to introduce Eugene Shenderov, a seasoned Game Designer and Lecturer with a diverse background in business, education, gamification, and technology. As a lecturer and researcher in the Creative Media & Game Technologies (CMGT) Bachelor program at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Eugene teaches and mentors students in courses such as Game Design, Serious Games, Business of Games, and Design Research. He encourages interdisciplinary curiosity, emphasizing that solutions to complex problems must come from understanding the problem context and drawing inspiration from various fields. With 7 years of experience, Eugene's expertise extends from traditional websites and apps to board games, serious games, and interactive 3D experiences.

Join us at #RSGS2023 to hear Eugene's insights on shaping transformative experiences in lecture halls, workshops, and harnessing game technologies and creative media for real-world applications.